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Bars Playa Blanca…Some Of My Favourites

Bars Playa Blanca…some of my favourites

Obviously, there are plenty of bars in Playa Blanca and competition can be fierce but I have included a list of a few of my favourites:

The Flagship: located at the Rubicon Marina, this can be a great bar for live music. The owner is very friendly too and often joins in for a singalong.

The Galeria: Not hugely family friendly if I am honest only because of its size and steep steps (on one side) but lovely bar overlooking the beach and friendly staff. Right in the centre of Playa Blanca also.

The Irish Anvil: located towards the port, on the way to Playa Flamingo beach. Perhaps a bit out of the way for some but very spacious both inside and out. Family-friendly, friendly staff and great for a bite to eat for breakfast lunch or dinner. I have never been in the evening so unsure of liveliness in the evening time.

Antonios Bar: right across the road from Villa Katarina. Small and intimate but great if you fancy a quick drink at any time of the day really and very good with children also. They also serve food here but I have never tried it.

There are plenty of more bars within Playa Blanca but the above are just a few favourites. It is also worth keeping an eye on these bars’ Facebook pages for details on live music.

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