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Last Minute Deal – do they exist anymore?

Last Minute Deal – do they exist anymore?

Honestly, in my opinion, no.
You see the prices of hotels in Ireland, you would be doing well if they have any availability first and secondly if they do you will pay for it.
I do wonder about this cost of living crisis…..everywhere seems to be booming..
Anyway, back to the topic!
I have had some availability this summer in the villas which is unusual, and I have had some people getting in touch hoping for a last-minute bargain – I am happy to oblige and offer a reduced price and everyone is happy until……they go to look at the price of flights.!
I had one person come back to me and ask could I reduce any more because the flights were so dear.
Unfortunately I have no control over price of flights but what I do know is that for the last 9 years I have gone to Lanzarote every year (apart from in the peak of Covid!) and the flights have gone dearer. I had a flight alert on Skyscanner set up lately keeping an eye on Christmas flights but they were going up and up and up.
I recently have booked flights for next May and paid €1100.00, that’s for 4 plane tickets and 2 x 20kg bags.
I know those prices are not going to go down.
My advice is, late minute deals seem to be a thing of the past, book the flights nearly as soon as they come out, then book a villa and if you book with me you only need to pay €200.00 deposit and the balance 60 days before arrival.

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