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With the busy world we live in now everything is caught on camera or video or reviewed.

There is no escaping it, however, it can be so beneficial and helpful.

If I am travelling anywhere, I review everything from places to stay, things to do, restaurants etc

If you have booked to stay in a hotel or villa or apartment or any type of accommodation, would you review it first? Most people I would imagine would say yes.

Reviews work in 2 ways:

  1. Future customers can get helpful insights and hints and tips
  2. Owners can use these reviews and if necessary, improve on any downfalls.

I always ask guests to review their stays and I know once you are back off holiday, busy life resumes but it is so important. That review can make the difference of gaining a booking or perhaps fixing an issue that you didn’t realise was there.

That’s the other side of it, in my case, the villas are in Lanzarote and yes, we have them cleaned and maintained but sometimes things go unnoticed and that’s why reviews and feedback are so important.

There are many ways to leave a review for any of the villas:

Google reviews (see links beside each property)

  1. Villa Isabella
  2. Villa Mariesa
  3. Villa Katarina

Trip Advisor -

  • Select holiday rentals
  • Search for any of the above villas e.g ‘Villa Katarina Playa Blanca’

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