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Travelling During Covid

Anxious about travelling during Covid?

Keep reading about my own experience..

Most people plan their holidays in advance and look forward to them, but with Covid comes some new rules for travelling so I thought I would share my recent experience.

I, like most others, had a holiday booked in 2020 which was ultimately cancelled due to Covid-19. I re-booked for August 2021 and there were many times the holiday was still up in the air or I was concerned flights would be cancelled but I am just back from a lovely 10 days away in Playa Blanca and the travel journey was very smooth.

We were a group of 3 adults; 1 who was not fully vaccinated and 2 children under 7.

Our flight from Dublin to Lanzarote was with Ryanair, before our departure:

*Boarding passes were printed off in paper form and I also had them on my Ryanair App.

*SpTH (Spanish Travel Health form) was downloaded and completed for everyone in the group, including children.

*The semi-vaccinated adult could get either a PCR test OR an Antigen test for arrival into Lanzarote. This information was thoroughly checked on the DFA website and I would highly suggest anyone travelling to do the same as the information can change. In our group, the semi-vaccinated adult opted for an Antigen test (cost was €50) and we got that done on the way to the airport. Results came through within 20 minutes and only then could that person complete their form on the SpTH app.

When we got to Dublin airport everything was as normal, apart from wearing masks. We were not asked for any Covid paperwork in the airport or from Ryanair. It ws only when we arrived in Arrecife Airport that we were asked for proof of vaccinations. It was a matter of showing all barcodes that had been generated from SpTH app. We also had our temperatures checked.

We then went off to enjoy our holiday.

Again we had referred to the DFA website for entry rules when flying back into Ireland and in this case the semi-vaccinated adult was required to get a PCR test. From researching in advance of our trip I knew we could get this done at Arrecife airport at a cost of €70.00 or locally in Playa Blanca for around €120.00.

We had a car so opted for the airport. The PCR test could be booked online via the airport app and this was carried out 48 hours before our departure flight back home. The results came back within 12 hours.

You must also complete a passenger locator form for entry into Ireland, again this must be done for all passengers.

When we arrived back at Arrecife airport for our departure flight home, while we were in the queue a Ryanair representative came over and asked us for:

*Boarding pass
*Passenger Locator Form
*Covid vaccination cert/proof of negative test

You must have everything ready for inspection.

And that was it, we flew back home and arrived in Ireland as normal.

I hope this information is useful to anyone thinking of or due to travel.

Personally, I wouldn't let a few extra bits of paperwork stop me from the opportunity of jetting off.

I understand a lot of people have concerns about contracting Covid when abroad but if you apply the same safety measures there that you would at home and in addition we stayed in one of our own villas so there was no concern about sharing amenities or facilities with other guests.

I would also highly suggest anyone travelling to take our a travel insurance policy.

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