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Restaurants we visited during our trip:

We have recently come back from Lanzarote and enjoyed a wonderful relaxing time.

I wanted to share some of our experiences with food and prices which might prove helpful to others heading to Playa Blanca:

*All prices based on 2 kids and 2 adults

The Irish Anvil (located at Playa Flamingo) – we ate here one morning for a late breakfast/brunch.

Kids had beans and toast and egg and toast, 2 adults had lunch-type meals and there were 3 glasses of water and 2 beers. The cost was €33.50

L’Artista: Italian restaurant in the centre of Playa Blanca: we had 1 starter to share and 4 main meals (I do think kids were charged adult prices but my own fault I did not question it) 4 glasses of wine and 3 minerals. The price was €79.00 (it was delicious)

Lani’s Snack Bar at the Rubicon Marina: we had lunch here. 1 adult starter, 1 adult pizza (really good), 2 kid’s meals, 3 wines, 4 glasses of water and 2 kids’ ice cream – it was about €73.00

Seems expensive but the food was delicious.

Asia Chinese & Steakhouse Playa Flamingo: we went here around 7.30 pm after we had been at the beach. We had 1 kids starter, 1 adult starter (1/4 aromatic duck), 2 kid’s meals, 2 adults meals, 2 kids ice cream, 5 glasses of wine and 3 minerals: The price was €86.00

A big bonus was the bouncy castle there for the kids so once they had finished, they could go off and play – we could see them while we ate our dinner.

Hope this helps anyone wondering about prices.

We really enjoyed the food; on our other days we cooked in the villa and one evening we got a takeaway Indian.

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