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Why it’s worth booking direct

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Why it’s worth booking direct

There are so many third party booking companies out there right now. We are all familiar with one or two and some of which I advertise on.

But with each one comes fees, fees for the owner or fees for the guests and sometimes both. Therefore you may see that many hotels, villas, and apartments are sometimes more expensive on these sites because the owners have to factor in the fees they will be deducted.

A trick I have often used is simple. Use a booking site to search for properties and when you find one you like note the price but then find the contact details for the property and contact them directly and ask them for a price. If they give you a dearer price than you have found, tell them about the price you have been quoted and usually they will be happy to match it!

If you want to find me direct obviously there is the website:

But if you use a search engine and type in ‘Villa Mariesa Playa Blanca, Villa Isabella Playa Blanca, Villa Katarina Playa Blanca’ you should find my properties

There are occasions where you will find properties cheaper on these booking sites but be careful, if it is non-refundable and something happens that you cannot go, it is non-refundable, with no wiggle room at all.

From my experience dealing directly with guests, on occasions, things do happen and I will always find a solution that suits everyone.

I know some people feel they have extra protection when booking through booking sites and I understand that too, but my advice is always to use a credit card to book flights/accommodation, always take out travel insurance and always keep evidence of the conversations between yourself and the owner in case things don’t go so well.

And most importantly always look at reviews.  Do your homework.

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